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Friday, 2 February 2018

Description of a process

Image by Ricardo Martins -  cc-by-2.0.
by Antía Vázquez
First, the red ham and lettuce and tomato are bought. Then these ingredients are cut. Later, two slices of bread are taken. Then the ingredients are put on a slice of bread. Finally the sandwich is eaten.

by Patricia García
First the potatoes are cut thin. After that they are fried in a frying pan with a lot of oil. While the potatoes are fried, some eggs are mixed. Then all the ingredients are mixed together including some onion and "chorizo". Later they are put in the frying pan and after a few minutes it is turned over. Finally it is put on a tray and served.

SPANISH OMELETTE (second version)
by Silvia Méndez
First, big potatoes are chosen. Then the potatoes are peeled and sliced.  Later, the potatoes are fried; then the eggs and the potatoes are mixed. After that, turn it over and let it fry. Finally, it is served and eaten.

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