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Friday, 15 September 2017

A new school year

This year in ESO-3 and ESO-4 English we are going to learn English by improving our reading,
writing, listening and speaking skills.
These are the materials you will need:

  • A textbook:
    • English in Use 3 for ESO-3 students
    • New English in Use 4 for ESO-4 students

  • something to write with: a pen
  • a notebook, binder or some other type of paper
  • a folder or any other system to keep the photocopies and handouts you will be given
  • and most of all, enthusiasm and energy to learn English
We will do many activities from the textbook but we will also:
  • bring real texts, songs and websites to the classroom
  • devote 1 (out of 3) classes every week to oral activities and interaction
  • have games and use many internet resources
  • use this blog to organize the materials and activities we will carry out
  • have one eTwinning project
There will be at least one written exam per term but exams will only account for 60% of your final mark.The rest will be awarded like this:
  • 60% exam
  • 20% written work done in class
  • 10% oral activities
  • 10% report about books you have read

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